Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodbye 2011.....Hello 2012!!!

Goodbye 2011...

HELLO 2012!

Resolutions.....have you made yours?

Every year I do & every year I fail at them....

But...it's a new year and what the heck....might as well try again.

2012 Resolutions
Nurture my relationship with my hubbie.
Cook (not order out) dinner more often.
Find time everyday to just sit, talk & listen to my kids.
Find my "scrappin mojo" and start creating again!
Stop biting my fingernails.
Eat less crap.
Get to bed earlier.
Take more photos.
Laugh more often.

So far so good...

Thanks for checking out all my Bolognie!


Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHH what a Happy posts....I loved looking at all the pics....

I never complete a resolution....I have good intentions...but they never seen to stick!!!

Hoping you are able to follow yours.....I think they are some good ones!!!

I have missed you.....wishing you a wonderful day!!!

leah said...

What a year, huh?! No resolutions. Only goals. So that whatever positive movements I make in achieving them is awesome. ^_^