Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Tribute...............

Hello dear friends.................

Thank you for being patient with my blogging has been so busy, hectic,exhausting, full of love, joy, bittersweet and so terribly sad these past few months.

 I haven't found much time to scrap or create...most of my time has been spent caring for my Mom these past few months.

After months of feeling lousy and going through many different tests, scans & a hospital stay...Mom was diagnosed the week before Christmas with lung cancer that already metastasized to the kidneys, bones & liver.
 With the help from Hospice, we brought Mom home...on Christmas Eve my strong, brave, loving Mother passed away at home.

 I am so thankful that we brought her home...because on those 3 special days each of my kids (Justin 19, Connor 17 & Lauren 14) and my husband Michael & myself were able to spend every second with her talking, laughing, crying and letting her know that we will be ok.

 I wasn't sure if I could do it...instantly I became Mom's nurse, yet all I really wanted to do was crawl into her arms and cry.

 But I did do it...and it was not easy...I changed her, I fed her ice chips, I gave her morphine when she started to have pain...I watched her chest rise & fall while she slept, I took notes when she calmly & matter-of-fact spoke of her wishes for her funeral and I cried myself to sleep every night as I laid in the bed next to hers.
 And finally I prayed to God that he would take her peacefully.
 And so he did on Christmas Eve........

Mom was 82 yrs. old...lived a full life. For the past 10 years, Mom has lived with us in her own in-law apartment attached to our home. I am so glad and blessed that we shared those years with her under one roof.

Was it easy...NO, and I'll be the first to admit that at times my Mom drove me nuts...BUT in the same breathe she was everything to me as well as to my  kids and my husband! I wouldn't have done it any other way.

 Mom was so of her heart, giving of her soul.
 She had such Faith...believed in the Catholic Church, prayed everyday & lived a Christian life.
Mom had the "gift of GAB"...she loved to talk about her grandkids, TV shows, food, politics & "The Bachelor"!!!

She was a worrier...if she could, she would have taken on all of our problems.
She always worried that she was a burden to me...and I would always tell her, "Mom you're not a burden, you're a pain-in-the-ass"!  And she would say back to me, "That's ok Joanie, because YOU are a pain-in-the-ass too!"

She was gentle, smart, funny, honest, loving, forgiving and generous. She was the most wonderful Mom.
 I loved her with all my heart. And I miss her dearly.


cheekyradish said...

Great tribute Joan- made me cry. You can tell what a special woman she was. Just like you.

Love ya~

Julia said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mom Joan. It made me cry too.

mustangkayla said...

Another crier here too. **hugs** to you! I completely agree with you, one of my grandpas passed away Christmas Day a little over a year ago, and the other a couple weeks before Christmas this year. We spent much much time by the sides th days leading up to their last and I wouldn't change that for anything!

mustangkayla said...

Oh, and I've really missed seeing you on-line and reading your posts!

Lora Oliver said...

My heart aches for you. I am amazed and inspired by your strength, I am thankful you had these moments, and I know you will be okay. Sending you and your loved ones many prayers and blessings.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Joan, that's beautiful! My deepest sympathies to you and your entire family. You are an amazing woman, and your mom and you were lucky to have each other!