Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Shayla.....

Usually Mondays are a day off from work.....a day just for me to do errands, shop, meet a dear friend for lunch or scheduling doctor appointments for my Mom.........................it's odd how I miss something that always aggravated me.............I actually miss taking Mom to the doctor! YIKES!  Ialso miss bantering back and forth with her. I miss buckling up her seatbelt and hearing her snore in the passenger seat within 5 minutes of driving somewhere!

Instead today I worked for a few hours. I spent my morning with my dear sweet Shayla...it felt good to get out of the house...to step away from the silence and emptiness of my Mom's apartment that stares at me through an open door from my family room. It doesn't feel right to close Mom's door to her apartment...if I close it then she will be gone......and I'm not ready for her to be gone yet.

Shayla and I spent a lot of time with her Beanie Babies today!  Isn't she just adorable! I love this girl! 
Thanks for checkin out all my "Bolognie"!

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mustangkayla said...

Aww...great pictures! **hugs** Its odd how something that annoyed you are something you didn't always look forward to turns into such a treasured memory and something you miss.