Saturday, January 15, 2011



listening: to the NFL on TV...Packers vs the Falcons.

eating: a lemon bar.

drinking: ice water.

wearing: my cozy striped pajama-bottoms and hot pink sweater.

feeling: tired.

weather: COLD.

wanting: chocolate.

needing: a hug from my Mom.

thinking: about all the laundry that's piling up in the laundry room.

enjoying: the quiet now that the TV is off.

wondering: when the pain & emptiness of losing mom will lessen.


Jocelyn said...

Love you that piece of chocolate!!!! You deserve it!!!

Love ya girlie!!!!!

mustangkayla said...

*HUGS* and more *HUGS*

cheekyradish said...

Unfortunately, I think it'll be a while before the pain lessons. I'm thinking of you.

I like your 'currents'- think I'll do it on my blog too!

Love ya girl!