Friday, May 14, 2010

Fudgicle Friday!!!!

Go check out the Spring digi stamps & shaped cards over at Paper Popsicles HERE!!!!

The DT over at Paper Popsicles are just "Busy Little Bees"!!!!!   hee, hee.....ok, I just can't pass up a good pun when ya see one!

I'll be" busy as a bee" this weekend also!
My brother & his son are flying in for a "quick" weekend visit! Fly in Saturday morning, fly out Sunday evening...must be nice....maybe I will stow away in the cargo section...or maybe not!

Anyways...It will be wonderful for my Mom to see them...
of course my "brother" is the "favorite" of us 4 siblings...UGH...(rolling eyes)...Don't ya think I should be the FAVORITE by now?    Mom's been living with us now for nearly 9 years....hold on, I'm hyperventilating.........................YIKES, it's been 9 years!  (I love my mother dearly....BUT she is EXHAUSTING!)

Soooooo.......I think I will have to be "discreetly" busy (hee, hee) when the time comes on Sat & Sunday when Mom needs my daily assistance with: .............
  • Putting on & off her medical knee-high stockings (82 yr old feet are GROSS!)
  • Washing her back & neck for her
  • Putting on her bra-like camisole top
  • Opening some type of jar or lid for her 1-3 times a day
  • AND listening to her complain about her arthritis....I know she hurts BUT she is SO stubborn & obsessive over taking anything stronger than Tylenol Arthritis pills...her Dr. & I have given up on trying.
  • AND her darn obsessiveness (no doubt OCD) over cleaning & re-cleaning her floors, counter-tops, sinks while using her walker & putting herself "at risk" of falling once again.....AHHHHHH! (Remember the last fall? She pulled the Grandfather Clock done on herself because she was dusting & winding it at 10:00pm at NIGHT!!!  She got "CLOCKED" in the head and got 6 stitches!!!! The hospital nurses were crackin jokes with Mom on that one!!!!!)  I've got to laugh over life with Mom or I'll be crying in a "padded room"! ya blame me if I hide this weekend and let my dear, favorite, brother John take my place this weekend? 
  Give me a show of hands....who says let him do it?

Have a wonderful weekend.....thanks for letting me vent & thanks for checkin out all my "bolognie"!


Melissa said...

Your bee is so fun!!

cheekyradish said...

Raising my hand- you deserve a weekend off girl- take it!

oh, and buzzzzzzzzzzzz- you bee is cute!