Thursday, February 18, 2010

"An Artful Life"

Throughout my journey these past few weeks with the One World One Heart Giveaway, I have found some very talented and amazingly sweet & funny bloggers!

I want to share one of them with you...Shona Cole.

Her blog is called "An Artful Life"'s her link;

She is all about: Motherhood & Art! AND become a Follower on her Blog and you get a chance to win a free gift handmade by Shona on Saturdays! I was the lucky winner last Saturday!!!! My earrings are on the way and I can't wait to wear the beauties!! Thanks Shona!

She also wrote a book called, The Artistic Mother: A Practical Guide for Fitting Creativity in Your Life... you can purchase it here at Amazon...

It's almost Friday!!! Yahoo! Thanks for checkin out all my "Bolognie"!

OH.......Just a little Toddler Humor!
I came across this photo on a friend's blog....LOL!!!! I'm assuming that a "Daddy" did this! Good old DUCT TAPE...can be used for anything!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!


mustangkayla said...

Oh my word that picture cracks me up! I wonder if I could do that to my 3 year old? Haha! I'll have to go check out that blog!

Shona Cole said...

Joanie, thanks for the shout out on the book :) I am glad you got the earrings, hope they get lots of wear!