Sunday, November 8, 2009

Never Too Late!

I just got back from a fun evening with friends out in the country...a party in a pole-barn featuring the band "Never Too Late"...this band is made up of 5 friends (all in their 30's & 40's)! Three of the 5 band members just started playing the guitar & drums only 2 years ago!!!

They were awesome!

I scrapped last night AND I actually made 2 cards! I was inspired by Paper Popsicles Wacky Wednesday Card Sketch...check out their blog HERE! Love using Cosmo Cricket!!

Thanks for checkin out all my "bolognie!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Joanie....that sounds like a great evening...I adore music!!!!! sweet friend that card is just awesome!!!! Love the funny!!! Have a great day filled with tons of smiles!!!! Love ya girlie!!!! :-)

mustangkayla said...

You crack me up! I just love your cards! They are so much fun!

cheekyradish said...

cute cards!

I didn't see you last night- they sounded great, didn't they?

Denise said...

love love those cards Joanie!

Tricia said...

those cards are awesome Joanie!

Kathy said...

Ok, 4th time's a charm! I hope. It's not allowing me to comment you for some reason....

Anyways, you won a prize for having the Sassafras blinkie on your blog!!

Write or call me with your shipping address and some goodies will be on their way to you!! Congrats!


(don't email me at the gmail account I'm posting this from, i won't see it!) :)

Julia said...

Just love your cards Joanie they always have a happy feel!!