Sunday, September 13, 2009

Check this out!!!!!

My girlfriend Ardith just had a birthday AND is giving away a "Birthday Blog Candy Giveaway" to celebrate................................'s a $25.00 gift certificate to the amazing scrapbooking kit club, Paper Popsicles!!!!!!


Pretty Things said...

Happy Birthday to your friend -- I hope you win the prize!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Hey Girlfriend! Boy have I missed catching up with you. I just read several of your recent posts...sounds like we are very much in the same boat! Life has gotten the best of me lately too. Nothing in particular to complain about...just feeling as if I'm floating with no place to land. Hope you have found your footing again. Something tells me you are more than fine. I can tell you have a strength of that will have you enjoying life to the fullest ASAP!

Had a great giggle over your sewing machinge comments on your last LO! LOL! I H-A-T-E when I do that. But to be honest, I like it! I think it is cute and charming!

I sure have missed you! Know I've been thinking about you bunches! xoxo L