Sunday, June 7, 2009


Did some gardening today...darn weeds!
But I still love this time of year because all my perrennials are starting to bloom. Every year I seem to get a MYSTERY "plant" blooming amongst the ones I's so amazing how the birds digestive system or the pollination of bees seem to help out my gardens!

Here's a few pics of this weeks blooming flowers...such brilliant colors!
This is Evening Primrose...during the day the flowers open to show this gorgeous yellow and then once evening comes, they close up tight and reveal their bright red cool!

And the mystery flower of the summer is...........................? Does anyone know this plant? I never planted it but here it has beautiful blueish-purple flowers!
Thanks for checking out all my "bolognie"!!!! And don't forgot to stop and "smell the roses"!


Craftyanny said...

oh Joannie don't be talking about weeds!!! My garden is full of them at the moment. We're just back from our hols so it's been two weeks without as much as the grass cut lol
Am loveing your Evening Primrose, I must look out for that the next time we visit the garden centre.
Your garden looks lovely
Anne x

Jocelyn said...

Oh so pretty and I have no idea what that flower is but I adore the color!!!!! Gardening is such relaxing to to get my hands dirty!!!! Wishing you a PERFECT WEEK, sweet friend!!1 I just adore you!!! XXoo

Tricia said...

wow you have a green thumb gift too! These are beautiful!