Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Neglect......

Dearest BLOG...

I am so sorry that I have neglected you for a month! A month????? WOW...what have I been doing all month?
OH YAH....Kids, work, volunteering, taking care of my Mom & MIL, running Mom to doctor appts, missing Justin at college, shopping, cleaning, cooking (OK, I know who am I kidding on that one!), laundry, & Farmville....and that's just in ONE DAY!!!! UGH!

I have also LOST my Scrappin Mojo...if anyone finds it can you please kick it this way!!!!

I guess I feel that if I have no layout or card to show than I shouldn't post on my Blog. Silly huh?  SO..... I have made an" Executive Blog" decision.  I am taking over this BLOG ladies & gentelmen (don't think I have any men reading BUT just in case!)!!!  I'm gonna mix some everyday life and my Scrapbook creations here on in!

I Love reading "others" daily or weekly ponderings...with my coffee w/hazelnut creamer & laptap in hand I usually start my day giggling or dropping my jaw over these ladies' inspiring, creatively written Blogs...Ardith, Melissa, Stephanie, CJane, NieNie, April and Jocelyn. 

Well, today is a busy day AND weekend!  It's Homecoming week here.....Go Royals!  This afternoon we have the Homecoming parade, Taste of H-BR and the Pep Rally under the lights! Connor will be on the Golf Team float and Lauren on the Drama Club float! I'll be taking a LOT of photos!

A Night in the City...Homecoming 2010

AND Saturday night is the big Homecoming Dance!!!  Am so excited for's her first High School dance and a close friend (who she reakky likes) has asked her to the dance! OMG...her dress is gorgeous and she'll be getting her hair done in an up-do!

Connor on the other hand, has decided not to go to the dance his junior year...I'm not going to fight him on this. We are a very small school district and he said that there are "slim-pickins" at this point! (rolling my eyes!)  Soooooo.....him and  bunch of buddies are going out to Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out! cup is empty and need to go finish up the Golf Team float.....Have a wonderful Fall weekend!

Thanks for hanging around & checkin out all my "Bolognie"!


mustangkayla said...

Bummer about the mojo...I was beginning to wonder where you went too. But maybe if I got on facebook I'd find you! ;-) Hope homecoming week goes well!

Great family photo!

Jennybean said...

Joanie, I love the pic of you and your family! I hope you get your mojo back soon.. mine's been gone for a while but hubby is letting me scrap uninterupted all day tomorrow and my mojo is finally coming back in full gear!

Jocelyn said...

Well my sweet I am having a semi rotten week and I see you comment on my blog and come to say.....THANK YOU and I see my name!!!

I love you!!! You don't have to create...I will search for your MOJO!!! It probably took off with mine!!!

You are such an inspiration to all of us!!!!

Keep us updated!!!! I miss you!!!