Thursday, June 3, 2010


 Where has the time gone????!!!! 

Hello BLOG....I have missed you!'s been such a busy week, both joyous and sad.
Lauren and Justin both graduated over the weekend.............Lauren from 8th grade and Justin from HS!  In a blink of am eye they grow up!  Both ceremonies were beautiful.

Justin's graduation was bitter-sweet. Just 5 days before graduation a tragic car-accident took the life of a sweet, amazing classmate of Justin's...Kelsey. For all the heartache this strong, kind-hearted young lady has been dealt with throughout her life is seems so senseless that God chose her. Yet, she now rests with her Mom & Dad, looking over her remaining family and friends. A painful lesson learned for our youth & community...wear a seatbelt, be cautious on the back-country roads AND never take life for granted. Kelsey, you will be dearly missed!

Thanks for checkin out all my "Bolognie"!   Off to work....will post scrappin goodies tonight!


Lora Oliver said...

Joanie, your post breaks my heart. Graduation time is always met with reluctance on my part. It seems every year, a beautiful bright soul is stolen from Earth because they believe they are immortal. I lost a very dear friend a week prior to my own commencement because she too chose not to wear her seatbelt on a back country road. I am so sorry that your son's day had that cloud on it and I speak from experience, it does get easier, but you never get the answer to why. Sorry for rambling, this just hit very close to home.

Southern Moments said...

My heart goes out to you...both for the loss and for the graduations. Seems like they were just babies then before ya know it there grown and gone. My son is miles away and I miss him so much. It was a hard decision for us to move, but it was for the best. Your children are so beautiful.
Hugs, Mary

PS..Thanks for the love on my blog and for the heads up on the DT. I would love to be on it, but not sure my work is good enough.

Melissa said...

Your pictures are so wonderful. I especially love the one of you 3 and you and Mike are goofing and Lauren has that perfect my parents are strange face!

Melissa said...

Lauren is absolutely beautiful!