Monday, May 10, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend!

What a busy, wonderful weekend!
For my son Justin & his girlriend Alex, it was their Senior Prom weekend!

They totally pulled off the 1940's era -look that they hoped to! My goodness, they looked gorgeous!
The theme was Masquerade Party!

Alex borrowed Grandma Eunice's fur coat...she totally was in the vintage mode & lovin it!

Gotta have a picture with Grandma Eunice & Grandma Rita!

Prom Walk at the High School!

Have I mentioned that Justin & Alex are taking Salsa-dancing lessons? OMG....they are really good!
One last photo before they left for the Prom Banquet!

They had an amazing time....danced the night away! I am so glad! 

As for Michael (hubbie) & I... we are STILL exhausted...we organized & chaperoned the Post-Prom activity!  We took 70 students (via Coach Buses) to Funway Activity Center from 11:30pm- 3:30am!!! (yawning still....sorry!)

Bowling, rollerskating, arcades, bumper cars & neon mini-golf!!!!! 

As for the chaperones.....hmmmmmm....some spent a little too long in the arcade!!!! LOL!

Thanks for checkin out all my "bolognie"!


Julia said...

It looks like a fab weekend was had by all. Kudos to you and Michael for all the organising you must be shattered now. Lovely photos and your son is sooo handsome!!

Michelle said...

She looks stunning! I was driving though a local outdoor mall a couple weeks ago and it was prom night for one of the local schools, 2 girls were standing outside... One in a dayglow Orange monstrosity and the other in Yellow that even a highlighter would be afraid to approach. Why?! But your son and his girlfriend look classy and you all seemed to have a great time. I can't wait to see till this ends up a page in one of your beautiful scrapbooks!

Jocelyn said...

Oh I loved this post!!!! The pics were Fabulous and what a handsome couple they are!!!

I just adored her dress and your son....he is such a cutie!!!

Looks like a great time was had by all...including Dad with all those tickets!!!

Wishing you sunshine and smiles today!!!