Friday, February 5, 2010


This has been my "middle name" for years.......VOLUNTEER!!!

I feel strongly in the goodness and well-worth of volunteering at your child's school and in your community! But by February or March my volunteering "get-up & go" has pretty much "got-up & LEFT"!!!!

Last night was the last home High School Girls Basketball game for the year....way to go "Lady ROYALS"!
I am the Booster Concession Chairperson for Girls B-ball's been a longggggggg 3 months of concessions and smelling like this by the end of the game!
YAHOO!!! We are DONE with concessions!
Now it's time to sit back and cheer on the "Lady Royals" all the way to the State Finals!!!
Last year the Lady Royals took 1st place at State...1st time for our school district!
Well......We are going to do it again this year!
AND this time I'll be buying the popcorn!
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for checkin out all my "bolognie"!


Jocelyn said...

Oh those days....I was the President of my Daughter's Booster Club for 4 years in High School and can I ever relate with the smell of popcorn...but you know what....those were the best years....We worked our tails off...but raised enough money for every Senior to attend their Senior Prom for 99 cents!!!! We also had enough money left over to create a scholarship for the next years graduating class!!!

I still with Evan and his school!!!! I LOVE it!!

Enjoy sitting back and munching on that popcorn....hope the girls do well....

Have a wonderful weekend....we are looking at another major snow storm....I am so done with this white stuff!!!! YUCK!!!! :-)

Melissa said...

Joan THANK YOU for all you do. You are an amazing asset to our schools PTO and Boosters. If only we could clone you!

Shona Cole said...

Joanie, I do a weekly giveaway on my blog for folks signed up to follow my blog and this week your name was picked by the random generator thingy :) When you have a moment, please check out my latest post, scroll down past the tutorial and choose your prize. Thanks

Hope you are having a good weekend :)

Shona Cole

Shona Cole said...

oh sorry, forgot the link