Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earthquake in Illinois! read that right!

4am this morning...I was woken by my "framed wedding picture" hitting me in the head as it fell off the shelf above our bed...OUCH! (was that suppose to be a subtle reminder since hubbie is out of town?) YAH...and why is it that hubbie is always out of town when something goes wrong at home...ugh!

House shook for a few seconds and there was a large BOOM! Woke us all up!

First thing out of Connor's mouth was..."Bet that was an earthquake!" Me and Justin replied..."OMG Connor shut-up, you are watching way too much Science Channel!" Of course MY first instinct was that my Mom I ran downstairs to check on her...nope she was ok!

Then my wonderous imagination started thinking...hmmmm...maybe something fell off of a plane flying overhead like on "CSI Miami"...or a body fell from the sky like it did on my fav TV show "NCIS" that point I ran back upstairs scared, jumped back in bed ALONG with Lauren & Vinny (our poochie) who were all shaking! (note to self: STOP watching these shows before bed!)

I reassurred the kids that nothing looked out of sorts outside and go back to sleep!

Woke this morning to the news...YEP, 3.8 Earthquake in Elgin, Il...that's about 25 miles from our town!

DARN that Connor...that boy is always right! We all ate crow this morning and apologized to Connor...

We also said a prayer for all the brave people and children of Haiti...and thanked God that ours was only a 3.8..................... Thanks for checking out all my "bolognie"! Have a peaceful day!


mustangkayla said...

Oh my gosh Joanie! You crack me up! Glad it was a smaller one and no major damage was done to you or your home!

Jocelyn said...

That is unreal....scary toooo!!!!

We are in the middle of another blizzard and I am scared to death...the winds are so high and the electricity has been off and on all night!!!

I am here alone and those big ole trees are way toooooo close to the house!!!!

Wishing you an uneventful day!!!


Tricia said...

hysterical Joan! You are too funnY! love that comic too

sandra said...

ROFL at your cartoon Joanie!
Glad that you are all alright, apart from your sore head.. ouch!and also hope that the crow tasted ok (I find ketchup helps ;) )

Lisa said...

I heard about this - so glad nothing was too badly damaged!

I remember one several years ago here in Indiana - very small, but my office chair had bounced up and down and it FREAKED ME OUT! :)

Tee hee...earthquake during vasectomy. HAH!

Catherine said...

Oooh, that is scary!! Thank God you were all okay though!