Sunday, January 10, 2010

College visit....

This weekend, Justin and I...and his girlfriend Alex and her Mom, Betty... took a "College Roadtrip" to Kentucky to check out the University of Louisville!!!!

Justin has been accepted to the Engineering Dept and is really excited about attending his next 5 years there! The campus is gorgeous and compact...only 20,000 students with 10,000 living on campus.

We toured his future "suite-living facility"! The college has recently built 4 suite/apartment style living facilities. They are anywhere from $200.00 - $800.00 more a semester than the normal dorm living. We definitely thought it was worth it! WOW were we RIGHT...this is not your normal dorm building...Justin opted for the new campus living facility where you and a roomate share 1 bathroom (shower & toilet) with another adjoining room that has 2 roomates also!

The rooms are HUGE! It comes with a mini dorm frig and microwave, wall to wall carpeting, central air & heat with your own thermastat, beautiful dresser, desk/shelf unit, bed with BATH & BODY WORKS sheets & comforter(WOW), sink/cabinet & mirror in the room and a LARGE walk-in closet! Each floor has a full kitchen if you want to make something, a large study room with new couches & lounge chairs. The lobby has a large laundry room and a wireless computer room with a printer and 6 computers. And finally the 2nd floor has a massive rec room with a gigantic flat screen TV, new couches, chairs.......AND a workout room with 4 excercise machines. The apartment suite-style building next door has an indoor pool that Justin can also use!

I had a really nice time with Justin! And also enjoyed spending it with Alex and Betty too! Yesterday, they went on to Missouri to visit St Louis University...she will be deciding between the 2 this week! Thanks for checking out all my "Bolognie"!


Jocelyn said...

What a fun trip.....and awesome place for his college experience...makes me want to go back to school and live in the housing!!!!

So glad you had such a great time sweet exciting!!! :-)

cheekyradish said...

fun time... did I read that right, are they possibly going to the same school?