Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow, snow, snow.....

Lots of snow...It's been snowing all day! We probaly have about 10 inches!
So we have been snuggled up watching movies and eating left-overs! I love these kind of winter days!

Christmas was wonderful! We always host Christmas Day with hubbie's family...this year we had 17 family members...Lots of laughs, good food, family stories and yummy desserts!

Tried my darnest to get a good photo of the hard could it be to get 3 teenagers to smile & pose nicely??????

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend! Thanks for checking out all of my "bolognie"!


Jocelyn said...

Enjoy the time with the family!!! We had now my 24 inches of snow has turned into 2 feet of MUD!!!! YUCK!!!!

Love all the shots of the kiddos!!! I see a page in the making!!!

Have a Happy New Year!!! Love Ya!!

Barb said...

Love the pics of the kids....I think it's impossible to get kids to "pose" for pictures anymore. Ours turned out the same way....I think they just like to torture us.