Friday, July 24, 2009

Horsin Around!

I had a wonderful time in Missouri last weekend visiting my dear friend Laura!

They bought their first horse...Misty! Isn't she pretty!!!

We also spent some time out in the fields with the other boarded horses! I was a bit nervous around these amazing animals!


Craftyanny said...

oh Joannie, I'm sooooooooo jealous, those horses are adorable.
Glad you enjoyed your time with your friend. It does us good to have some me time
Anne x

Jocelyn said...

Oh glad that you had such a wonderful time and I love the first two look soooooo happy!!! I love horses and used to ride on a regular basis....The feel of this strong but gentle animal under you and riding with your hair blowing and hearing the pounding of his hooves.....ahhh you brought back the best memories....I want to ride today.....ride and see the beauty of the world around me....but I am stuck in the Hell Hole......waiting for adjusters and contractors and I am about to you brought me such joy with all these beautiful pics!!!! Have a great weekend....:)

Stacey said...

Beautiful horses!!! Looks like so much fun!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Ahhh, the memories! I grew up around dad still owns many. He competes with cutting horses. I have a love/scared-to-death relationship with them though. I find riding so relaxing yet when I think about how beastly these animals are, fear creeps in. Sounds so contradictory, huh? It probably has more to do with the fear of losing control more than anything else. I guess I need more therapy???? LOL!

Pretty Things said...

Aw, horsies. I've only been on one once and was terrified! But I'm a big scaredy cat and a thunderstorm was coming so I think the horse was skittish because of it.