Friday, May 22, 2009


YAHOO!!!! It's Friday and a nice long weekend!!! I plan on spending some of the day in my gardens weeding and then scrappin with my dear friend Kathy tonight!

For now, Lauren and I are off to "cuddle and coo" over the 2 most beautiful twins, Cassie and Billy!!! My friends Jen & Jerry had twins a few weeks ago.....they are just precious, healthy and so darn tinny(each 5lbs)...but doing fantastic and HOME!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone........thanks for stopping by and reading my "bolognie"!


Jocelyn said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! Sounds like lots of fun planned!!! Loved the little joke!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Kristen Hermanny said...

Have loads of fun Scrapping tonight. I love any craft time with friends. I don't get as much done, but oh well. Love your blog, sorry about your pool. Babies terrify me. They always have. I have 4 grand babies through marriage. Luckily they are 2,5,5,6. No babies. Babies always cry by me, they sense my discomfort I think. I am GREAT with kids though. Go figure.

Stacey said...

Hope you had a nice time! That cartoon is sooo funny!!