Friday, May 15, 2009

Not a good sign... empty pool is never a good sign!

I guess hubbie did slice the liner when he put the solar-cover roller thingie on! UGH!!!!!
Well.....this liner lasted 8 years, not bad!

I also finished working on all my flower pots yesterday......why don't ya join me for a cup of coffee on the front porch!

Have a great weekend everyone! I plan on scrappin Saturday!
I'm leaving you with a final "chuckle" for the day...and I thought I was more like Snow White!
Thanks for checking out all my "Bolognie"!


Jocelyn said...

I am on my way over for a cup of coffee on that front porch!!! I have always wanted a house with a porch and somehow I always lose out for something else!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Lovin' all the little funnies! And I would LOVE to join you for a cup of coffee! Who wouldn't with those beautiful flowers! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Tricia said...

doh! that sucks about the pool! There goes your water bill this month!!! lol Great cartoon! I fowarded it to some of my work friends!
I will come for coffee. When?

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oh No Joanie, sorry to hear about your pool! accidents do happen but im sure you would have liked a few more years out of the liner before replacing it :(. Your pots look really lovely bright and colourful, would love to join you for a cuppa... be there in about 20 hours lol. Enjoy your weekend
Love n hugs
Vikki xx

Craftyanny said...

your pots are lovely Joannie, I'd rather have a cocktail or two though lol
Anne x

Pretty Things said...

Oh, can I have chocolate in my coffee?

Jen said...

Your porch looks so comfy and inviting!! I'll be right over for that coffee ;)
And omg that cartoon is hilarious!!