Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Wednesday.....hump day! Alas...April Fools!

I totally forgot about April Fools and the kids got me this morning!
Connor faked that he was feeling "sick" today and didn't want to go to school.............this was perfect because a few months ago when Justin and Lauren were both pretty sick, Connor faked a sore throat and I BELIEVED him...weeks later he admitted it!
So....I was a bit aggravated this morning when he started moaning and whining about staying home! DARN those sneaky kids!!!!
I plan on scrapping tonight in town...Yahoo!

Enjoy your day everyone! It's cold, damp, cloudy and soon to rain out here in the cornfields of Illinois...yet I hear the robins singing from my window!

Thanks for checking out all my "Bolognie"!!!


Tricia said...

my dd was all into this today trying to fake me out! We got DS really good though telling him that a pipe burst at school so school was cancelled. He went running to the computer to check if there was information on the news. I love that!!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Don't ya just love kids? Hope you have a blast scrapping tonight! Can't wait to see what you create!

MidniteScrapper said...

I don't think my kids remembered, but I've got something in store for them at dinner! =]
Love your music!

Stacey said...

THat is sooo funny! I bet a lot of kids tried this one out today! LOL

Julia said...

Kids eh!! Don't you just luv em!!!