Thursday, March 5, 2009

Red-Hot Heels!!!!

Friday is the Daddy & Daughter Dance!
Of course Lauren will be attending with her Daddy!

Sooooo...... we went shopping Tuesday evening
for an outfit
and then "SHOE" shopping tonight!
So she says to me, "Come on Mom, everyone knows you have to
have some new "Heels" to go with the new "Outfit"!"

And of course.....they have to be "RED"!

I LOVE my heels!

Thanks for sharing my "Bolognie"!


Snichols said...

Wow nice heels! But I would break my neck in those!

Jenny Fowler said...

I love it. Those shoes are going to bling up the dance floor!

Tricia said...

my dd would be ALL over that! I see a terrific bunch of projects coming with these pictures!

Alecia Castro said...

Oh how FUN!! HOT shoes too, she's so cute!!

Melissa said...

She is so beautiful Joan, so grown up now. How did that happen???

Jackie G said...

She is so beautiful!!
And those heels are so AWESOME!!! I love red heels!!!

The Whispering Poppies said...

What a sweet girl you have! And those shoes are cute! =)