Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome Everyone!

Hi Blog World! Well, what's the old saying..."If ya can't beat em, join em?" So I'm taking the plunge into the Blog World!

Throughout the past year, I have been posting on the Scrapbooking Kit site, Paper Popsicles! A good friend of mine, Melissa, owns this amazing Scrapbooking site that sells gorgeous monthly Kits at a reasonable price! seems that everyone there has a blog site and I'm feeling like I am missing out, so here I am!

I hope you keep coming back and share all my "Bolognie" with me! Joanie


Tricia said...

congrats on joining the blogging world girlfriend! Lovely color choice!!!

Jackie G said...

Welcome to the blogging world Joan!!! I'm so excited you finally started one!!

JoanneK said...

Wahooo Joanie!!! Good for you to finally take the plunge!!! LOL Looking forward to checking your blog often!!!